The Story

Grandis Pty Ltd was officially established in 2010 with a mission to craft ultra premium wines, with and without the infusion of organic Australian ginseng.

Releasing small batch single vineyard wines in only exceptional years under the Unearthed label. Produced using established traditional and alternative varieties, focusing on vineyard and regional expression by using minimal intervention in the winery where possible. The Unearthed wines are without the infusion of ginseng.

The ginseng infused Rouge and Blanc create an alternative wine product of high natural antioxidants aiming to ease the stress of the modern busy lifestyle when consumed in moderation.

Generally the wines are multi or duel-regional blends of varieties that compliment the complexity and natural earthiness of the Australian organic ginseng infused. Appealing to the connoisseur, new-age and inquisitive wine drinker alike.


Growing up on a vineyard and influenced heavily by the family wine business is where my passion developed for such a project. After completing my studies I spent time in Australia’s high country for many snow seasons whilst continuing to make wine over the summer months in the Hunter Valley of NSW.

It was during this time I was introduced to ginseng. I felt there was a niche opportunity to infuse and capture ginseng root qualities in wine to create a unique product, putting a spin on the daily tipple!

By infusing the Australian organic Panax Quinquefolious ginseng (American strand), I am able to minimise sulphur dioxide additions in the wine making process. During the primary fermentation, the alcohol that is created, draws out the antioxidants and active ingredients in the ginseng, known as ginsenosides into the wine. The result is a wine of natural earthy herbaceous aroma and complexity.

The best thing about it, when you open a bottle and only have one or two glasses the ginseng keeps it fresher for longer.

I hope your personal drinking experience is a positive one that educates and invigorates the senses as it does mine. Cheers to Antioxidants!

S. Burgess-Moore