Unearthed Pet-Nat Rosé

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New wine style for 2020. This fresh and lively pink number is a co-ferment of Hunter Valley Semillon, Merlot and Sangiovese from Moorebank Vineyard, Palmers Lane Pokolbin. Lower Hunter Valley NSW.

Pétillant Naturel or Pét-Nat for short, is the most ancient form of creating sparkling beverages. The French term ‘Naturel’ meaning natural, while the ‘Pétillant’ bit means sparkling. A sparkling wine created by a natural process. Most sparkling wines have their first, or primary fermentation outside of the bottle before the secondary fermentation (either being in bottle or tank and transferred) creates the fizz or bubbles. However, with a Pét-Nat, before the wine’s first and only fermentation is complete, it’s bottled. Then the primary fermentation finishes in the bottle and as a result the carbon dioxide that’s being released, makes it bubbly!

Serving suggestion – Chill standing up for a clear drinking experience or invert the bottle gentle before opening to drink cloudy. The cloudiness adds to the body of the wine, creating a textural element and mouthfeel.


533 Bottles produced | Vegan Friendly | Zero Preservatives | Zero Finings | Unfiltered | #drinkinteresting

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